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Chanel’s Black Jacket

For their new Little Black Jacket campaign, the minds at Chanel put together a hypnotic website full of photos of celebrities from every corner of that world. Kanye and Claudia above are joined by Yoko and Dunst, plus more — the casting done as a collaboration between Carine Roitfeld and Karl Lagerfeld. Claudia could sell us on pretty much anything, even if that jacket Kanye’s wearing seems a bit better suited for the women we know.

Check out all the admittedly-cool shots at the

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How to Wear a Suit to Work, Then Out for Drinks After

This is how you dress when you’ve got a full day of work then something to head to afterward. Andy Cohen, of the undeniable Bravo empire, nails the fit in his go-to Ralph Lauren Anthony suit, this one featuring some excellent, textured blue cloth. The solid red tie adds just enough visual interest — next time, knot it tighter, man, and fix that pocket square — and his standard glasses help make it a personal look, not some stylist’s work. Sure, it was a slow night on the red carpet. And all the Newsies at this Newsies premiere wore ties so bad, they’re not worth showing here. So Cohen wins this round, but we can’t sign off without saying no man should be this tan in March. Or maybe we’re just jealous.

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011: Still The Sexiest Runway Show Around

What makes the Victoria Secret Fashion show sparkle?  Is it the bright lights? Big stars? Sexy supermodels adorned with approximately one million Swarovski crystals?  Or perhaps it’s the three hundred pounds of glitter in thirteen different colors sprinkled over the runway.

Supermodels Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Lily Aldridge, among many other Victoria’s Secret Angels paraded down the one hundred foot runway as award winning artists, such as Maroon 5 and Kanye West, perform live alongside thirty dancers.

Other than the celebs and live musical performances, it’s the diversity that makes the show so much fun.  One minute it’s sexy and sophisticated and the next it’s playful and funky.  Turning super models into angels and featuring the annual and much anticipated fantasy bra keeps everyone coming back year after year.

Dressed in ballet inspired tutus with feather trims and ballet inspired shoes, probably influenced by the success of Black Swan, models were on point, looking exquisite.  The show turned up the fun with comic book inspired lingerie fashions featuring thigh high boots, cartoon wings, jumpsuits and bright colors.

Taking a cue from traditional Spanish couture with red flowers and fan- like shapes Matadors beware your traditional look just got sexified with flowing cape skirts.

We can’t stop talking about this kaleidoscope creation, if only it was for sale and well… practical.  Dripping in opal gems and gold, she looked stunning.

Pixie style angels with wings that look as if they created from blown glass and pastel colors showcased pretty bras and panties adorned with pearls, bows and lace.  One angel’s headpiece was fit for Greek mythology’s Poseidon.  Her body covered in crystals with a feather skirt starting just above her knees in light green and soft shades of blue, she could have just emerged from the ocean.  However, not every angel is soft and delicate.  Dressed in purple and black with dark raven wings this next look shows how fierce an angel can be.

Victoria’s secret even was able to modernize Victorian fashions with lace wings, high collars, and oversized broaches.  Umbrellas and spat style boots helped convey the theme.

As one of the hottest shows of the year, celebrities always fill the front row.  Beyonce, Russell Simmons, Orlando Bloom, Michael Bay, Donna Karan, and Debbie Harry were among the stars walking the pink carpet.

If anyone knows how to throw a party it’s Victoria’s Secret PINK, with eight custom PINK dog mirror balls and the sounds of the fabulous Nikki Manaj.   Nikki, dressed in an orange bustier, with a bright cartoony skirt,and stripped gloves, fit in perfectly.  The PINK brand is aimed towards Victoria Secret’s younger customers, which is reflected in the bright colors, florescent light wings, and sequins.  Added accessories such as striped socks, pompoms, and oversized bags complete the look.  We love this disco ball dress with pink ankle boots.

While some of us were priveleged to watch the taping of the live show, you too have the opportunity to watch it broadcasted from the comfort of your home. But first, make sure to cut off all distractions and have your drink and your popcorn at arms reach. Catch the entire show airing tonight, November 29th at 10/9c on CBS Television Network or check your local listing.

via Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011: Still The Sexiest Runway Show Around | Reviews.

The best men’s bi-metal watches

Bi-metal was once a byword for the go-go Eighties, but guess what – it’s back. And how. These two-tone designs in classic silver, rose red and burnished gold make any wrist worth a second glance…

via The best men’s bi-metal watches – GQ Watch Guide 2011 – GQ Watches – GQ.COM (UK).

Personal Style: Paul Weller

“Did I want anything from my dad’s wardrobe? Only his copies of Playboy.” Paul Weller is sitting in the former offices of Hammer Horror on, appropriately, London’s Wardour Street, discussing his new range of suits for Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green label. One of the country’s best-dressed musicians, Weller has gone from Burton-suited mod revivalist with the Jam in the Seventies to Britpop’s founding father in the mid-Nineties, via the Style Council and the gloriously OTT Eighties.

Thankfully his new clothing line is inspired by the late Sixties and early Seventies and includes well-cut three-piece suits which can be worn both in and out of an office. “I wouldn’t want to be involved in anything that I wouldn’t wear myself,” says Weller. “It’s been a dream really – I brought reference pictures, graphics, sketches, vintage things I’ve collected over the years and stuff from my own wardrobe.” Here he talks to about satin jackets, Ben Sherman shirts vs Brutus ones and highly questionable “mutant quiffs”…

My dad was very stylish when he was a young man. I’ve seen photos of him and he was a Teddy Boy. He seemed to lose interest in clothes after a certain amount of time. That’s the danger – when men get to a certain age, they let their wives pick their clothes. That’s really wrong – it’s basically saying, “I don’t care what I look like any more.” It leads to that thing when people say, “I’m comfortable,” and start wearing trainers all the time. Remember there’s a time and a place for tracksuits.

The first thing I bought that was really stylish was in 1969 when I was eleven. I saved up for a black, grey and white tie-dye grandad vest. It was too big – they weren’t catering for kids my age – and hung off me but I loved it. It was from a boutique in Woking called Flacks which was amazing. It had a lot of post-hippie clothing but also a lot of stuff that skinheads were buying as well. It wasn’t King’s Road hippies and trendies – it was for people who had been mods in the Sixties and were now doing their own thing.

The Jam went through a phase of wearing satin jackets. But that was pre-getting signed and making it, when we were still playing the pubs and clubs – around ’75. Shocking, really – what would you call them apart from “horrible”? We’d wear these white zip-up bomber jackets with black kind of loon pants and black and white shoes. That was our stage outfit. Shocking.

Have I ever had a nightmare with a bespoke suit? Cor blimey, loads of ’em. Not recently, but in the early Jam days, when we first got a little bit of money. We went to a place just behind Carnaby Street called Carnaby Cavern. We got some suits knocked up there – they were appalling, looking back on it. They were supposed to be mohair and had a slight sheen to them. They were really badly cut but you don’t know when you’re 18. We wore them every night on a really long tour – we did 40 dates and we’d sweat because we were playing these little clubs. We’d get them dry-cleaned wherever we could. By the end of the tour they’d shrunk – they looked like Norman Wisdom’s suits.

via Paul Weller interview about fashion for Pretty Green – GQ Style News – GQ.COM (UK).

Men’s Wool Trousers

‘Tis the season for winter-weight wool trousers. Paired with a separate blazer, and stout brogues or boots, they’re ideal cold weather-wear. Here’s some of the best from Mr Porter, including Gant Rugger, Hentsch Man, and Burberry Prorsum.

via Men’s Wool Trousers – Mr Porter Style Picks – GQ Dresser – GQ.COM (UK).

Most Stylish Men Of The Week

David Gandy

Named in the fashion section of The 1,000, the Evening Standard’s annual list of London’s most influential people. He’s certainly influencing us.

Prince WIlliam

At the double – and remembering the all-important boutonnière – at a dinner for the National Memorial Arboretum Appeal at St James’ Palace.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Looking like a G-Man on talk show Good Morning America to promote J Edgar.

Kanye West

Never mind Watch The Throne – we were too busying watch the bevy of supermodels at the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Although we did notice that Yeezy was wearing a Versace for H&M jacket for his performance.

Mark Ronson

Putting everyone else in the shade – specifically, cerise – at the Versace for H&M fashion show and party in New York…

via Gary Barlow and Dermot O’Leary fashion and style – Most Stylish Men Of The Week pictures – GQ Style News – GQ.COM (UK).