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Stephen Dorff photos for Guccis 90th anniversary

Ninety years ago, Guccio Gucci opened his first store in Florence. Today, this humble leather company is a global luxury powerhouse, with creative director Frida Giannini at the helm. Stephen Dorff – star of this months action blockbuster Immortals – joins GQ and Gucci in LA to get under the brands skin, in celebration of nine decades of high-octance glamour…

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Get It Right: Hermès Ties Fall Winter 2011

In a city where guys choose flip-flops as their preferred footwear and are firmly convinced deluded that polo t-shirts are the yesterday, today and tomorrow of fashion’s finest, it’s the one who has artfully mastered the craft of spotting an Hermès Birkin from a distance that’s cooler than the rest. It isn’t difficult to sieve out these men either, because they’re usually sharply-dressed and casting shocked “what-are-you-thinking” glances at men with popped collars. Their wealth of knowledge even extends to Hermès scarves when they confidently identify them by their whimsical animal and horseshoe patterns.

Now try making a ballsy statement with an Hermès tie. This season’s Fall/Winter 2011 tie collection comes in a range of colours that could rival the colour charts at design firms. Made from pure silk, you’ll find a statement piece in these solid or dizzying patterns which lend any dreary outfit a spark of confidence. Yank and adjust the tie well for a perfectly executed look – the front point of your tie should be just long enough to touch the waist of your pants.

And if you’re heading up North soon, where cooler temperatures await, forget the tie and throw on an Hermès scarf or losange instead, spun from a blend of cashmere and silk in different sizes for draping around your neck. Get one that plays off the colours of your shirt and blazer. You’ve now stepped up your sartorial game, but a word of caution? We don’t like slackers, so roll back your shoulders, straighten your spine and open that door for a lady.

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“Baggy jeans are done. Nobody wants to wear big, baggy jeans.”

Part hip-hop bohemian, part arbiter of stoner chic, Wiz Khalifa is increasingly becoming as known for his unique appearance as much as for his music. A breath of fresh air, Wiz stands alongside a new class of rappers who are brazenly rejecting boundaries and traditional confines and are redefining just exactly what hip-hop style means. The genial “Black and Yellow” rapper revealed to us, among other things, his speedy grooming regimen, why Lil Wayne’s skinny jeans propelled fashion and how to stay looking good (hint: make sure to wear your size)…

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New Leather Jackets for Men

This weekend, do yourself a favor and pick up a new leather jacket. Black, brown, or some unexpected shade — now’s the time to wear the hell out of these piece. If you have one already, surely you could use another. And if you’re leather-less, ten fantastic options (at every price) are in the slideshow…

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Trickers for Norse Derby Brogues

Walk in these before they sell out.

Antique derby brogue ($451) by Trickers for Norse,

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“The watch, the belt and shoes. How they staple your signature look”

Getting dressed, the most important routine of your daily lifestyle has subconsciously become your greeting. You’re judge, categorized and labeled based off your wardrobe before you’ve uttered a word. What impression are you leaving at first glance?  You’ve been force fed enough tips from society’s ring leaders to know style is the ace of life’s wild cards. Whether a blazer, slim-straight leg jeans and sneakers are your preference or a Dior tailored suit sparks your interest; the watch, the belt and shoes staple your signature look.

The Watch – What’s interesting about the timepiece is that it can be the most subtle or barefaced way to make a style statement. The watch should be treated as the detail of an already well-put-together look. Like that interesting niche in a designer’s aesthetics, make the watch more of a staple by favoring a particular style, but various colors. Or keep it interesting by being specific with a time era. Reflect back to the era(s) where men carried pocket watches; they were timeless, yet simple and clean. Balance your attire to complement the watch and highlight your keen eye for detail.

The Belt – The belt is the centerfold or the wingman if you will. The transitional appeal from upper body decadence to lower body finishing is sensibility in choice. For example, you wouldn’t move an Ed Hardy encrusted skull belt through the loops of Band of Outsider’s fall suede pant. Coordinate your choice by sensibility, but be versatile as well. For a point of reference, glance at photos from men runway shows or ads. Pay particular attention to the styling and completeness of a belt.

Shoes – Shoes are the punch line. You’ve strategically pieced your appearance together and now you’re looking at shoe options. The key to narrowing down your selection isaesthetics. Detail, color wave, pattern, laces, etc. validate that staple. Complement your attire with the right shoe and the visual translation is promising.

Think of style as a well put together sandwich.

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Fashionable workwear & overalls for men

To say that workwear – the non-suited kind that takes its wearer to places where furnaces are fuelled, wrenches are turned, and paint, grease and sweat are just as much applied daily as is a splash of aftershave – has become for men a sartorial look to be aspired to would be something of an exaggeration. A pair of rugged, industrial coveralls may have a certain manly appeal, but when such a cut takes to the runways of Milan or Paris they’re not quite what you expect to see.

In 2011 none the less this type of attire did enter the designer realm. A far smaller subset than the polished tailoring and casual weekend looks that more than dominate, it’s a shared inspiration still prominent enough to be dubbed a men’s trend. One that we saw amongst fall 2011’s fashions and one with potential to carry into spring 2012.

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Workwear trend for men: what is it?

For autumn / fall this year, there’s one key piece which defines the workwear-as-casualwear fashion statement for men: the one-piece. Boilersuit, overalls, coveralls, dungarees; whatever label you give it and whatever variation – sleeved or sleeveless, heavy duty or light-weight, denim or otherwise – the end result is the same. The one-piece makes for an unmistakable homage to workwear, hence why it’s the key look. Should you wear this men’s fashion statement yourself, just make sure that whether whether you do so with a functional or luxury lean, the overalls you war maintain their hardworking heritage.

Where the workwear has been seen

And we don’t mean at a factory.

Marni’s effortlessly cool interpretation of the boiler suit had overtones of the two-piece; seemingly a jacket and pants combination from the front, it’s a boiler suit that is in fact joined at the back. G-Star RAW sent out industrial coveralls that were akin to safety suits, and ones that further hinted at workwear by way of embossed tool motifs. Meanwhile on the streets of New York, Buckler gave a casual denim streetwear a worker’s twist by elasticising the cuffs of their overalls.

Where the men’s workwear trend is headed

While we don’t expect blue collar workwear to take over as a dominant men’s trend, we do expect that it will marry with elements of relaxed tailoring and diverge down a path where utility details find a key place: like toggles, zips and external pockets overlaid onto sharper pieces. For now though it’s all about shunning a look too polished and instead making it clear you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, get tough and get your hands dirty.

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