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Get It Right: Hermès Ties Fall Winter 2011

October 19, 2011

In a city where guys choose flip-flops as their preferred footwear and are firmly convinced deluded that polo t-shirts are the yesterday, today and tomorrow of fashion’s finest, it’s the one who has artfully mastered the craft of spotting an Hermès Birkin from a distance that’s cooler than the rest. It isn’t difficult to sieve out these men either, because they’re usually sharply-dressed and casting shocked “what-are-you-thinking” glances at men with popped collars. Their wealth of knowledge even extends to Hermès scarves when they confidently identify them by their whimsical animal and horseshoe patterns.

Now try making a ballsy statement with an Hermès tie. This season’s Fall/Winter 2011 tie collection comes in a range of colours that could rival the colour charts at design firms. Made from pure silk, you’ll find a statement piece in these solid or dizzying patterns which lend any dreary outfit a spark of confidence. Yank and adjust the tie well for a perfectly executed look – the front point of your tie should be just long enough to touch the waist of your pants.

And if you’re heading up North soon, where cooler temperatures await, forget the tie and throw on an Hermès scarf or losange instead, spun from a blend of cashmere and silk in different sizes for draping around your neck. Get one that plays off the colours of your shirt and blazer. You’ve now stepped up your sartorial game, but a word of caution? We don’t like slackers, so roll back your shoulders, straighten your spine and open that door for a lady.

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