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“The watch, the belt and shoes. How they staple your signature look”

October 17, 2011

Getting dressed, the most important routine of your daily lifestyle has subconsciously become your greeting. You’re judge, categorized and labeled based off your wardrobe before you’ve uttered a word. What impression are you leaving at first glance?  You’ve been force fed enough tips from society’s ring leaders to know style is the ace of life’s wild cards. Whether a blazer, slim-straight leg jeans and sneakers are your preference or a Dior tailored suit sparks your interest; the watch, the belt and shoes staple your signature look.

The Watch – What’s interesting about the timepiece is that it can be the most subtle or barefaced way to make a style statement. The watch should be treated as the detail of an already well-put-together look. Like that interesting niche in a designer’s aesthetics, make the watch more of a staple by favoring a particular style, but various colors. Or keep it interesting by being specific with a time era. Reflect back to the era(s) where men carried pocket watches; they were timeless, yet simple and clean. Balance your attire to complement the watch and highlight your keen eye for detail.

The Belt – The belt is the centerfold or the wingman if you will. The transitional appeal from upper body decadence to lower body finishing is sensibility in choice. For example, you wouldn’t move an Ed Hardy encrusted skull belt through the loops of Band of Outsider’s fall suede pant. Coordinate your choice by sensibility, but be versatile as well. For a point of reference, glance at photos from men runway shows or ads. Pay particular attention to the styling and completeness of a belt.

Shoes – Shoes are the punch line. You’ve strategically pieced your appearance together and now you’re looking at shoe options. The key to narrowing down your selection isaesthetics. Detail, color wave, pattern, laces, etc. validate that staple. Complement your attire with the right shoe and the visual translation is promising.

Think of style as a well put together sandwich.

via “The watch, the belt and shoes. How they staple your signature look” | iMenswear.


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