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The Mentalist Cast’s Style In Detail

June 6, 2011

The Mentalist cast always have to be in style dressed formally considering the plot and the job the characters carry – being CBI (California Bureau of Investigation, which is in reality no more) agents. We are talking the male The Mentalist cast obviously today to give you tips to looking sharp every day.

While Tim Kang and Owain Yeoman are usually dressed in black, navy or charcoal suits Simon Baker tries various shades of gray and blue. Their suits always fit impeccably. Yeoman sometimes sports leather jackets instead of suit jackets though.

So the rule #1 to sharp style is a fitted suit that matches your skin tone. It can be worn with any shirt but The Mentalist cast seem to prefer white ones or those with subtle checks or stripes. The ties vary in prints and colors though without being too garish and too bright. Simon Baker’s character usually wears no tie or bow. And he usually sports a three-piece suit with a shirt unbuttoned at the collar. You will often see him wearing it without a jacket so the vest looks cool with light blue or white shirt.

Thing with shiny suits. Not. Cool. If you remember (if you watch the show) during his previous life of “charlatan” Baker’s character Patrick Jane used to wear shiny suits. The thing about them is that it’s hard to pull them off without looking silly. So avoid too shiny fabrics. But if you still want your suit to shine a bit choose a fabric with subtle shine like this one:

The Mentalist cast style rule #2 – no shiny clothes. Shine distracts from your sharp hairstyle and accessories which are also scarce. Agents don’t use a lot of accessories because of their formal dress code but you can spot a fancy ring on Owain Yeoman’s finger and watches, of course, so be subtle with your accessories.

And finally The Mentalist cast style rule #3 is a cool hairstyle. Find your thing, Simon Baker’s blond curls suit his character and overall image. Sharp agent Cho (Tim Kang) has sleek hairstyle while Owain Yeoman sports very stylish spiky hair.

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