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Saturdays Surf: How to Feel Like It’s the Weekend Every Day

April 21, 2011

Saturdays: it’s a word that roughly translates to “everything feels good.” And Saturdays Surf, a new Soho-based shop (almost) as exciting as a day at the beach, is just that — damn good. Owners Morgan Collett, Josh Rosen, and Colin Tunstall (Colin, we should note, works on design for Esquire’s iPad app) have managed to create an environment that melds together their binary loves of surfing and city life. Boards, wetsuits, grooming products, great clothes — it’s all here. (Oh, and coffee, too.)

Even those who don’t plan on making the whole Manhattan-to-Montauk trek this summer have got to appreciate the urban/beach vibe you see above in the new Saturdays collection for Fall/Winter 2011. There’s that excellent blend of familiar men’s-wear favorites (great plaids, friendly sweaters) and innovative design (slim-fitting sweatshirts in unexpected colors like forest green and electric blue). Equally exciting is the trio’s modern take on outerwear, with standouts like a shawl-collared “Baracuda” jacket (second from left above) that’s trendy but not too trendy. Swimwear, of course, runs the gamut, because a man can find himself on a beach anytime of the year. As in, right now — so go ahead, get yourself a pair of trunks and reclaim a bit of the weekend while it’s still this damn blustery beginning of the week.

via Saturdays Surf NYC – First Look at Saturdays Surf Soho – Esquire.

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