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Marks & Spencer launches ‘Suit Fit Fortnight’

March 31, 2011

Chances are if you’re reading this you’re a man and you’ll own at least one off-the-peg suit. You don’t have to be Kurt Wallander to work that out. But were you ever actually measured before buying it? Figures suggest not.

Marks & Spencer, which has conducted research in this area, with some edifying results, reckons that while 90 per cent of men own a suit, pitifully few of them were measured for it. By which we mean properly measured – chest, waist, height, inside leg, the lot – and not just have the wife hold a jacket up against them, momentarily hang her head to one side and then go, ‘Mmm, looks OK to me, dear.’

Does any of this really matter though?

Yes, frankly, because the upshot is that 40 per cent of British men routinely wear the wrong size suit for them, according to M&S’s research. And that’s when things can get ugly: jacket buttons straining over paunches; sleeves grazing knuckles or else coming to an abrupt halt somewhere along the forearm; trousers worn half-mast à la Jimmy Cricket; fabric rucking in an unsightly channel across the shoulders (this, I now know, is what tailors call a ‘Leeds crease’). Such horrors can be seen in any office or high street across the land.

via Marks & Spencer launches ‘Suit Fit Fortnight’ – Telegraph.


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