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Garment Care Made Easier

March 30, 2011

The 60-year-old company Meurice Garment Care, known for its prowess in cleaning fine clothing, has created an online service to accommodate cleaning orders for ties and scarves. Now, clients of the New York firm can register an account online, print out a mailing label, and send their garments for expert cleaning. The specialists at Meurice will assess each article upon its arrival, considering stains, fabric content, and the properties of possible cleaning solvents.

“Cleaning is chemistry,” explains Wayne Edelman, the son of Meurice’s founder and the company’s CEO for about 20 years. At his 15,000-square-foot facility, Edelman runs one of the most advanced cleaning plants in the country, while keeping customer service his priority.  The knowledgeable team at Meurice Garment Care covers everything from a $7 standard men’s dress shirt cleaning to an $880 vintage bridal restoration, like one they recently did for a woman who brought in a family heirloom. “My whole team worked together to take the gown apart, clean it piece by piece, then reconstruct it,” says Edelman. “Seeing the new wedding dress bring tears to her eyes reminded me why we do what we do here—you just don’t get that reaction to cleaning a pair of khaki pants.”

via Garment Care Made Easier | Robb Report.


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