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Most Stylish iPad 2 Cases for Men

March 16, 2011

iPads should be encased. There are many reasons for this, the $500 price tag among them, but the most important one might be so that other people don’t stare at you and think, Oh, there’s a guy with an iPad. Because you don’t really want to be that guy. And besides, now there are actually many very nice iPad cases worth looking at, from designers like Brunello Cucinelli and Louis Vuitton. Some are leather, soft, and expensive, some are hardshell and fairly inexpensive. We also wouldn’t pass up Apple’s own official iPad Smart Cover, because it works, and it does look pretty smart. But if you’ve just bought an iPad 2 and would like to weigh your options, these are some of our favorites for the new tablet. And if you’re still searching, you might want to wait around until April, when you can expect new cases from other brands like Cole Haan, Burberry, Gear 4, InCase, Acme Made, Tumi, Simplism, XGearlive, and Belkin.

via Best iPad 2 Cases – Most Stylish iPad 2 Cases for Men – Esquire.


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