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Top 10 reasons why Dr Martens are our Stylish Sole Saviours

November 16, 2010

1) It has a distinctive air-cushioned sole (dubbed bouncing soles), developed by Dr Klaus Martens of Germany, which allows for heavy thuds and extreme falls. If you belong to one of these wrong-footed groups, these comfortable soles will ensure no broken bones in there. Dr Martens was, after all, one such man himself, fashioning the iconic pair of shoes after he fell while skiing, so he understands you full well.

2) High-top sneakers are the viral trend this season as all the fashion houses clamber for top spot in mass producing the best of these shoes, but Dr Martens had the winning formula 50 years ago. Talk about monocle-like foresight.

3) Dr Martens come in colours that pop, designs that induce jealous gazes and shapes that defy the norm. We appreciate stylish comfort, because we know of several other shoe brands which score top marks for comfort, but zilch for design.  I won’t name names, but rest assured we haven’t featured any of those on our portal, so you haven’t made any wrong choices by taking our style advice seriously.

4) In April 2010, the Dr Martens 14-Hole black leather boot won two fashion awards at the 2010 Fashion Show in New York, one for the ‘most popular men’s footwear in latest fashion’ and the other for ‘best counter-cultural footwear of the decade’. Applause, please.

5) Their first concept store in Singapore has cleverly chosen a parking spot at Orchard Central. Genius move, because they have no competition there.

6) Agyness Deyn and Dr Drew Pinsky have been spotted wearing them. ‘Nuff said.

7) They keep to industry standards and uphold their reputation with no “Made in China” products for their vintage line, which is strictly produced in their factory in the United Kingdom. You’ll get more bang for your buck.

8 ) If the design you fancy cannot be found on our shores, their online website ships right to your doorstep in Singapore. Also perfect for sloths that prefer to let their fingers do the buying. Tap away.

9) Dr Martens has diversified with loafers and brogue shoes for the uppity gentleman who wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of working-class sneakers. We like that this doctor tries so hard.

10) Because our girlfriends or wives can wear them too. Some designs are unisex, and if your other halves are complaining about your new Dr Martens, tell them you were thinking of sharing the pair with them when you purchased them. But too bad if she wasn’t the same size.

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