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Swarovski for Men and How Men can wear Jewellery

November 16, 2010

Take it from me, I’ll be first in line to tell you that a man should never wear jewellery but then again, when you consider that for centuries on end, high end horological timepieces have been touted as jewellery for men and sold as such, I find it a little harder to defend my philosophical and sartorial viewpoints.

Should Men Wear Jewellery?

When it comes to men’s accessories, I wholeheartedly ascribe to the ‘less is more ethos’. There are only two types of men that should be draped in shiny metal- The original B.A. Barracus Mr. T from the A-team and hip hop rappers. When it comes to men and jewellery, moderation is key. It’s fashion suicide IF you don’t know how to pull it off.

What is a man’s accessory?

For the less adventurous, here are some mens jewellery staples. According to Nathalie Colin, Creative Director for Swarovski, the key is to start with smaller items before venturing out to bigger, more obvious pieces.

Swarovski Mens Jewellery- What can you pull off?

Rings Other than being an outward sign of dependability, the wedding ring or simple band is quite obviously the most acceptable mens jewellery. The men’s jewellery rule of thumb when it comes to rings are one ring per ten fingers. That is, one for each hand unless you are named P. Diddy or some other overly attention seeking name.

Chains/Bracelets Even if you’re not Mr. T, you can pull a chain off but obviously it shouldn’t clash with your other wristwear-watches. The men’s rule of thumb here is that it should be sturdy and masculine- this is one portion where you want to avoid the connotation of “elegance” when it comes to a man’s wrist gear.

Necklaces Like the rose or playboy tattoo on the hip, AVOID tacky “male symbol ala Austin Powers” or girly “silver rose”. Go with thin and simple. I love crucifixes and other religious and quasi-cultural symbols. The necklace rule for men- Just past the collar bone. NOTHING between your nipples. In terms of jewellery, you can do no wrong with this piece from Swarovski’s mens collection.

Earrings Swarovski doesn’t carry any men’s earrings for good reason- They went out of style in the 90s. Move on. If George Michael can move on, you can too.

Body piercings Under no circumstances should you have a belly, tongue or nose ring. These are under the strict purview and domain of women. If you want to go the bad boy route- Eyebrow piercing or even chin. But no true gentlemen should ever be caught with a piercing.

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    can i noe is the ring above stil available?

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