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Frency & Mercury Launches at Front Row

November 8, 2010

“I named the brand Frency & Mercury after being influenced by Greek mythology,” says Eque. M, founder of the cult Japanese eyewear label.

I needed no introduction as I eyed him from afar. He looked straight out of the same  Takeshi Kaneshiro mould that must be prevalent in Japanese genes, with chiselled features, brooding deep-set eyes and tousled hair. Eque. leaned over the counter as I approached him, and met my gaze with a hesitant smile.

As expected, Eque. was polite and gentle in speech, cheerfully telling me about Frency & Mercury’s inaugural launch in Singapore over the weekend. The new eyewear line at Front Row makes Singapore the first country out of Japan to unveil Frency & Mercury’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

The 30-year-old studied industrial design in Los Angeles, and worked in eyewear shops in both Australia and the United States before poking his nose into the industry and launching his own label in 2005. Eque.’s designs exhibit Japanese savoir faire and the latest technology, and is inspired by 1980’s style and American subculture, fusing both Eastern and Western influences into his eyewear.

“Customers are able to select either Asian or European cut for their eyewear,” explains Eque., pointing to two different types of sunglasses. “The Asian version has a wider and higher nose bridge.”

Each frame is entirely hand-assembled, and uses materials such as pure titanium, acetate and 18 karat gold and silver rivets for the frames. The lenses contain an anti-reflective coating which minimises eye fatigue that may come with prolonged use.

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