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Cupcakes with Testosterone

November 8, 2010

We’ve got plaids. We’ve got herringbone. We’ve got hounds tooth.” At first glance, you might think these were quotes shouted out by a noisy garment district tailor. Think again. David Arnick, a former commercial real estate attorney on Wall Street is yet another to join the ranks of pulling the old career switcheroo while at the same time still managing to walk away with his “male ego” in tact. How so?

This past December, he left the litigations and depositions behind and began instead, to develop a new fangled concept in cupcake baking; Butch Bakery, home of the masculine cupcake. Noticing that traditional cupcakes typically were the sweet and frou frou pink flowery fairy dust, flour and fluff, he developed the concept of the cupcake gone beefcake, same scrumptious cakey confections but now with a much deeper voice. Operating out of a  bare bones, no frills kitchen space in Queens (with plans to open a sit down shop in Manhattan down the pike) he now produces over 1,000 cupcakes a week, all infused with manly ingredients the likes of beer, Kahlua; even bacon. Each cupcake is dressed in a chocolate disk, decorated in manly styles like wood grain, plaid or camouflage with twelve brutally handsome flavors offered in total, each successfully marrying a masculine aesthetic to a traditionally cutie pie product. There’s the Driller for instance; a maple cupcake with chocolate ganache and bacon bits. Or the Old Fashioned; an orange soaked whisky cake with a lemon curd filling. Even the very rough and tumble B52; a Kahlua drenched vanilla cake with Bailey’s Bavarian filling; certainly not for pansies or the faint of heart.

So take a bite of one of these bad boys, flex your muscles and hit the gym. You may need an extra workout or two after you grab a few of these.

via Cupcakes with Testosterone | iMenswear.

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