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Amy Wallace Reports on the Comeback of TV Executive Chris Albrecht: Newsmakers: GQ

October 19, 2010




For years, Chris Albrecht was unstoppable. He was the man who made HBO, the programming genius who brought us The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire and more, revolutionizing the way we watch, and revere, TV. Then, one night in Vegas, he seemed to throw it all away: He roughed up his girlfriend outside the MGM Grand, and his life exploded in a spectacular blaze of shame. Now, more than three years later, he talks for the first time about what happened that night—oh, and how he plans to turn Starz into the next HBO


November 2010

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“How much T&A do you want in your pay TV?” Chris Albrecht asks. We’re sitting in the back of a Dublin taxi on our way to dinner, which is good, he says, because he’s famished. “I need food,” he proclaims. “And some Irish wine.” He also needs an answer to his question. Since taking over as CEO of Starz, the premium cable channel, the 58-year-old executive has been wrestling with how explicit it needs to be to compete. Arriving in Ireland today from Los Angeles, he’s spent the past few hours reviewing marketing hooks for a new Starz show. “There Are No Rules in This House” is one slogan under consideration to hype Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, an upcoming prequel to Starz’s gory, sexy hit Spartacus: Blood and Sand. “How Far Will They Go?” is another. Now Albrecht is wondering: How far should Starz go?

via Amy Wallace Reports on the Comeback of TV Executive Chris Albrecht: Newsmakers: GQ.

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