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The Ivy League’s Big Gay Admission: News + Politics: Details

September 29, 2010

When students like 18-year-old David Kamins were in high school, they were a dime a dozen at the nation’s top schools: impossibly high GPA and SAT scores, leadership positions in extracurricular activities, well-written essays, great recommendations from his teachers and guidance counselors. But the lanky, dark-haired Kamins had an unlikely ace in the hole when it came to getting into elite universities: He’s gay.

The longtime paragons of teenage success—the varsity-lettered quarterbacks, the repp-tie-wearing class presidents—have officially been put on notice. Gays are the new blue-chip recruits, and while denying that having a minority sexual orientation necessarily gives students like Kamins a leg up around the admissions-committee table, elite colleges have begun to target and woo gay students to their ivory towers.

via The Ivy League’s Big Gay Admission: News + Politics: Details.

One Comment
  1. Being gay sure didn’t help me through college or university – perhaps I was just a few years too late huh!


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