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Andy Samberg – News and Videos: February 2009

September 22, 2010

In I Love You, Man, the Saturday Night Live wunderkind plays gay…straight.

Halfway through writing one of his lauded digital shorts at the Saturday Night Live studio at 30 Rock the Thursday before it’s supposed to air, Andy Samberg is ruffled in his raffish, lackadaisical way. It’s already 9 p.m. and he’s got all night to go. His hair is mussed, but that’s to be expected. His style is slacker-cool (plaid work shirt, corduroys) except for a pair of new brown-and-pink argyle Gravis skate shoes.

“I’m the number 1 dandy-preppy-skate poseur,” he says happily, breaking into his million-dollar grin and settling in for an interview. Samberg has a lot to smile about. As the crown jewel of the strongest SNL cast in years, Samberg, 30, has an ardent and large following, a future of guaranteed-profitable films (see Ferrell, Will), and his good looks. But the thing he’s got most — and what makes you love him — is laughter, huge skeins of it that unspool and fill up a room. And more than his laughter even, he’s got the ability to make others — me, you, the rest of the world — laugh.

via Andy Samberg – News and Videos: February 2009.



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