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GTL+Sneakers: The “Jersey Shore” Cast’s Greatest Footwear Moments

July 28, 2010

Tomorrow night, MTV execs will hang their heads as they break their own decency guidelines and air the second season of Jersey Shore. Viewers ate up season one, and we’ve collectively given the crew over at 1515 Broadway a free pass when it comes to non-on-demand TV. We want fake boobs, group houses, hot tubs, and tanning beds. Jersey Shore is an influencer, and there is no getting around it. But what about the Jersey Shore style? “GTL” has made its way into the parlance of our times, and it’s even gotten The Situation a sneaker deal! The crew gets clowned, but Pauly, Sitch, Ronnie, and Vinny have all entered the “free stuff” bracket, which means they’re getting laced with footwear. Hit the jump to check out the style of the Jersey Shore cast, and the brands who have decided to associate themselves with this revolution in reality television…

via GTL+Sneakers: The “Jersey Shore” Cast’s Greatest Footwear Moments | Complex Blog.


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  1. Grey n white kicks rock

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