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A Quick Q&A with Diddy

July 27, 2010

Last March, we ran a newsbit about P.Diddy and his new perfume called I Am King. That was an exclusive, hot-off-the-press report.

Why name your new perfume I Am King?

I Am King is defining, it’s empowering, it’s for the modern-day King and defines a lifestyle fit for a King.  It’s not about me but about all men – your father, your brother, your husband. There is a King in all of us.

I think men want something that makes them feel empowered, that makes them feel like modern-day kings.

How did you want I am King to smell like?

I wanted it to be really clean, fresh, to have a regal smell.  It was made to represent a seductive refinement, power and the ultimate luxury.

It contains handcrafted notes of tangerine zest, juicy orange and succulent cranberry blend with a signature Imperial French berry.

How exactly do you choose the ingredients? We mean, how good are you with scents?

I believe my total involvement with each one of my fragrances has contributed to its success.  I worked with the team of creative people on everything from the notes down to the packaging – this ensures that the final product is a direct representation of my vision, of myself.

I Am King is a result of many, many one-on-one smelling sessions with the perfumers – it was a labor of love and I’m extremely proud of the final product…

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