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Ten Essentials: Kean Etro

July 23, 2010

Fashion’s reigning king of punchy pattern-mixing reveals the things he won’t do without

Kean Etro

The fashion world is bursting at the seams with designers who are glitzed out and over-flared. That’s what makes a guy like Kean Etro, who’s captained the Etro brand for the past decade, so unique. He’s not afraid to turn some heads—”Last year, I wore this bright green jacket in the dead of winter in Munich and people were like ‘Is that Father Christmas?’ It was great!” he tells us—or make a statement (check out any of his print-happy, supercharged collections for proof). The difference is that he tempers his bold impulses with impeccable taste.

Paisley Etro Scarf

“I’m always wearing a scarf. The relationship is a bit like Linus and his blanket. This cashmere one is my favorite. Besides being really soft, it’s paisley, which I adore. The pattern is an ancient decoration that is rich in history and symbolism. For the Mesopotamians, it represented fertility and life.”via Ten Essentials: Kean Etro: 10 Essentials: GQ.


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