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Must-have surf gear

July 22, 2010

Here are a few things you should definitely rock on the beach during your summer surf trips.

Analog Lewers board shorts – £49.99

Feeling brazen? Then these are the shorts for you. Adorned with more shaka bra hand signs (a Hawaiian salutory gesture) than you can shake a surfboard at, these comfy polyester shorts are a quirky departure from mindless the floral prints you’ll find on too many boardies.

Matix All-City jacket – £59.90

Everyone needs a toasty top to put on when they get out of the sea. This lined, 600mm water repellent coated All-City Matix zipped jacket will help you warm-up and stay dry post surf, and the simple Crip plaid print is a nice departure from some of the more garish board sports designs out there.

Animal Yikes rash vest – £19.99

If (big if) it’s too hot for a wetsuit during your next British surf break, the Yikes rash vest will do you well. It’s stretchy so will suit lots of different body types and will stop the wax on your board from ripping the hairs off your chest. What’s more, the colour will make it very easy for your surf buddies to keep track of you in the water.

Gravis Byron Emboss sandals – £10.19

This foamy sandal has a durable rubber outsole that offers good purchase on wet and dry beach terrain, the bubble wrap-style top deck effectively cushions your foot and the EVA strap won’t dig into your feet.

via Must-have surf gear | Men’s Fitness UK.


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