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Jonathan Keltz joins an entourage of August Men with D&G spring summer collection

July 19, 2010

The boys of Entourage always step out in style. Whether it’s Ari Gold, Vincent Chase or the latest style gent to join the stylish bunch at Entourage. It’s important to note that in life as in physics, the flash always precedes the bang ergo dressing right is 70% of success.

The evidence? Entourage’s new style icon Jonathan Keltz graces the pages of the august issue of August Man dressed by Dolce&Gabanna.

Dolce&Gabbana Spring Summer 2011 Milan

In fine summer style, Dolce&Gabbana’s collection, unveiled in Milan, was indeed a show case in how a modern man should dress.

In Natural Earthly tones (pictured below) are effortlessly chic giving you a look of easy masculinity. Natural shades like tan give you a stylish yet grounded looks.

Summer Tailoring Personally, I prefer a more fitted look but Dolce&Gabbana have gone with a loose and casual look which is simple and casual.

Off-White Worn well, off-white is a colour that’s instantly rocker chic or stylishly iconic. The movie appeal when worn with skinny black tie and tie bar, alludes to hollywood or high society. Sensual yet striking, nothing says “I’m an individual” better than a white suit.

Summer Suede It’s going to be bloody tough to pull off in sweltering Singapore but refined suede is sartorial perfection in a look. In classic one-button,, nothing spells style for men like a suede blazer. Playful and masculine, it’s style for players.

Summer nights We don’t know about you but we certainly swear by Barney’s maxim, a man should be dressed for any eventuality especially bedtime; No, Dolce&Gabbanna spring summer 2011 collection doesn’t include suitjammies. Abs not included of course. Caveat: Buff up a little before donning these so Mrs. August doesn’t have a laughing fit.

Back in black Black tux and business style that won’t look out of place at a boardroom or at a cocktail party.

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