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Different Men. Different Lifestyles.

July 8, 2010

It’s gone beyond active lifestyles. Thanks to advances in mobile technology and transportation, most of us pretty much have at least 14-16 hours worth of full lives to lead before we even go to bed at night.

Whether you’re the outdoorsy sporty type, the desk jockey with an eye on international money markets or the social butterfly, Dermalogica has a solution for your personal grooming needs.

The Gym Junkie

Comfortable on a rock face, athletic, sculpted, a body to die for, your wakeboarding and mountain biking activities barely leave you any time to care for your skin or protect yourself from the ravages of weather.

Corporate Desk Jockey

You’re in a frigid office airconditioned environment for pretty much the whole day. Since money never sleeps, you probably don’t as well. Whether managing the accounts or watching the markets, you’re one busy corporate desk jockey in need of some tender loving care.

The Party Guy

You’re the life of the party. You club, you’re recognised by other clubbers and club bouncers. Yes, you, Mr. Popular.

via Whether you’re a gym junkie, desk jockey or stock market tycoon, Dermalogica has skin care solutions –


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