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What’s up with Cufflinks?

July 5, 2010

While logos and flashy colors are a great way to show and to accentuate style, the ehem, more mature and dare we say, more sophisticated of the lot should opt for subtlety. More often than not, it’s the small details that separate the average from the good looking.

Note: untucked shirts (sloppy) versus tucked in (smart). No tie (casual) versus a thin, modern one (hip). Regular socks (boring) versus printed ones (personality).

Enter cufflinks. Cufflinks are used for shirts that have French cuffs, or shirts that have buttonholes on both ends of the sleeves but no buttons. Most men prefer the common shirt with a button fastener, but the more stylish ones choose shirts with French cuffs. These are the men that often standout. Why? Because a decorative cufflink makes the perfectly subtle fashion statement.

While it maintains the formal vibe, cufflinks actually allow you to show your personality in ambience that tend to stifle it.

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