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$35 for Top Notch Bow Ties

June 23, 2010

Introducing a whole new world of neckwear: it’s one of luxury, yet total affordability. $35 bow ties by Bocca al Lupo, our in-house brand at Prepidemic.

The idea is simple: $35 for top quality bow ties. We launched this line because you are paying too much for a lot of clothing. We learned that we can seek out some of the best materials out there, construct things to the highest of standards, and still sell them for less than some of the biggest names are selling for. Why? Two reasons. 1) We cut out the middle man. 2) Brands tend to aim for 50% margins, which means you pay double what it costs them to make. That’s not what we care about: we care about getting you high quality on the cheap.

We guarantee that you are spending too much on bow ties, so we sought out beautiful fabrics and found a wonderful manufacturer. Made in America using fabrics from Italy and all over Europe, Bocca al Lupo’s bow ties are constructed to excellence.

via $35 for Top Notch Bow Ties | Prepidemic Magazine.


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