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Facial Hair

June 8, 2010

“Chins without beards deserve no honor.”

-Spanish Proverb

All that hair growing on your chin and along your jawline (which never seems to stop growing) is often the scourge of many men. Facial hair often grows unevenly due to the state of your general health, diet and sleep patterns, but sometimes you just don’t have as many hair follicles on your cheeks as you do on your chin or neck. Some men must also contend with different types of hair, both in color and consistency, in different areas. As man has progressed, facial hair (or the lack of it) has played a role both in conveying stature and self-expression within society.


The management of facial hair often says more about a man than his shoes, which is why AM cares so much about how you groom and remove your facial hair. Are you clean shaven everyday as the result of a blade? Do you desire to grow a beard, goatee or soul patch — or is it just a passing phase? Either way, the tools of facial hair management from blades and foams, electric shavers, balms and lotions to mouthpiece like contraptions that propose to give you the perfect goatee template, are all here within the pages of More importantly, however, are the tips on shaving, dealing with in-grown hairs and keeping your face healthy as you age gracefully.


A beard has often been a sign of wisdom and maturity of thought. This is because facial hair and beard growth does not come to fruition until the end of puberty. As a result, a man with a full beard has often been seen as an experienced and worldly man.

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