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Color Coordination

June 8, 2010

When used cleverly, your color choices can speak volumes about your personality. For example, bold colors will create a dynamic impression on others, while dressing head-to-toe in neutrals will make you appear sophisticated.

We see color thanks to the ability of our eyes to differentiate varying frequencies, or wavelengths, of light. When it comes to apparel, your color coordination choices strongly affect the impression you make on others because they influence the mood of your ensemble. Experimenting with color can revolutionize your look, adding distinctive touches that will help you develop your own truly unique style. Fortunately, getting the hang of combining colors is easier than it appears as color coordination is more of a science than an art. Although it may seem that some random arbiter of style decrees which hues match and which ones clash each season, harmonizing colors is really about understanding the color spectrum.

Red, blue and yellow are primary colors, while orange, green and purple are secondary colors, and together these hues form the color spectrum along with black and white. For an outfit that will really pop, pick two colors situated opposite one another in the color spectrum, like blue and orange. Alternatively, shades that are side by side on the color wheel will complement each other, such as a blue and blue-green. As you can see, all you need are a few guiding principles and our useful pointers to begin confidently creating winning ensembles.

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  1. nice matching colours are always the best,but its fun to mis match it sometimes isnt it?:D

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