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Olivia Wilde in Russia

June 5, 2010

The Russians are organised and efficient. During the Germans attempted invasion of Stalingrad in 1942/43 the Soviets had enough warning of the advance to ship virtually all the city’s grain, cattle, and rolling stock across the Volga river and out of harm’s way. This “harvest victory” left the city short of food even before the German attack began. But it meant that there was industry elsewhere. It was clearly a similar work ethic and conviction that allowed Russian GQ to convince 26-year-old Olivia Wilde who’s starred in The O.C. The Black Donnellys and most recently House, to take quite so many clothes off.

Wilde is beyond sexy. Infused with the ballsiness of her New York upbringing and the ultra sunny and healthy lifestyle that successful actresses tend to adhere to when living in Los Angeles. And if these images of Wilde weren’t hot enough, prepare to explode when she appears in a glowing jumpsuit in Tron: Legacy this year, followed not long after by the possibly brilliant comic book adaptation of Cowboys vs. Aliens. Which is pretty much self explanatory in that wonderful way that Hollywood is. Just try it, combine two different but potentially violent things and you have the basis for a film. ‘Wrestling in a Volcano’ ‘Mum vs Dad’ and ‘Man gives wolf a dead leg.’ More pictures over at GQ isn’t it.

via Olivia Wilde in Russia! | Girls | 28 May 2010 |


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